About the Site:

“Health Science by Nature” is a site┬áto spread awareness, explore nature and all aspects of health science for human well being. The blogs explain about different aspects of the traditional Science of Ayurveda, yoga science, the science of breathing (Pranayam), herb science, food therapy and other natural sciences to improve health. Moreover, all these sciences and their effects on human health are inter-related. Modern science of medicine or Allopathy has been derived from these traditional sciences. People┬ácan learn and motivate others how to follow nature and remain healthy. At this platform, I would appreciate all your queries, discussions and open to learn and spread awareness among others.

About Author:

Sweta Srivastava is a Health Care Research Expert. Sweta has received her Graduate degree in Biological Science & Post-graduate degree in Environmental Science from the University of Allahabad. She is studying, working and researching into the field of herbs and healthcare science since more than twelve years. She strongly believes in traditional natural sciences and follows the herbal and natural therapy to eradicate any kind of ailments.






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